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     The Robotech Companion was created as the ideal web site for most Robotech fans' needs for information and files of the Robotech universe with a straight view to the TV series. There has always been multiple web sites out there, but many of them contain far too much incorrect data and errors, as well as just plain nothing. My view of the Robotech universe begins with the TV Series and the strong interest of what it tells us, NOT the following of the novels or sources that rewrite the TV series and its data. The Companion brings all the info of the web as well as new information, facts, and files to the Robotech fandom in one spot. However, unlike the other sites, we present correct facts and information along with sources, proof, and hard research. Our web site wishes to be the one stop source for all fans' information with the feeling of knowing they are reading correct facts and can ask questions. The Companion sees the original Robotech TV series, the 85 episodes, as the primary and correct source of Robotech and everything will be based on that. It will not use the other sources, but followers of these should have no problem using my web site for their needs of general facts about Robotech and research into the TV Series. The series came first, all other sources came after.
     My web site was originally created back in 1999 as the Robotech Information Center throughout 2002. The original idea was to create a web site with the latest Robotech news to be found which The Robotech Companion will forever continue to do. In 2002, Robotech Information Center got itself a new layout and better format along with the label as stage 1 of my ultimate ideas for Robotech which transformed into the Robotech Companion as you somewhat see it now in stage 2. Stage 3 will contain parts where stage 2 left off and more in-depth into the Robotech TV series in different ways. However, the point is always for correct data, info, and facts and not errors.
     I hope you, the web viewer, will come back with us to the origins of Robotech and put your beliefs into the original Robotech continuity created and form in 1984 and 1985 by Harmony Gold's production through the 85 episodes of Robotech. In my opinion, that is the true and authentic Robotech universe. Everything that conflicts it or tries to rewrite it, is not.
                                                                                                           - The Masters

Information on Each Section
Home Page - This is the main page of the web site, it features the latest updates and Robotech and Macross news. This would be the spot to check for the newest news.

Pervious Updates - This is an archive of all the updates that have come and past on the web site. Haven't been here lately? If you don't have the time to see changes, check out there for any updates that happen since you were gone.

Robotech News - This is the last 6 months to year archive of Robotech news that has happened lately. Just like Pervious Updates, this is the spot to look for any news you missed out on during the last few months. All news have sources of where it came from.

News Archive - The ultimate Robotech News Archive. This section contains as much news and time facts that can be found relating to all kinds of Robotech News. Have you been out of the Robotech loop for 5 years? Check out all the events that happened over those years or even read through the whole 17 and more years of Robotech events from when Robotech first aired to last year.

Jpn Macross News - This is like Robotech News section of a small archive of japanese Macross news that has been listed on my site. I'm not sure how long this section and keeping up with Japanese Macross news will continue. Even that there are a lot of Robotech fans who also is into Japanese Macross, I would refer to focus my energy on Robotech for this site. If you wish the Macross news to continue, email me!

Robotech FAQ - A completely new Robotech FAQ covering all reaches of the Robotech universe that might not has its own section on the site. This FAQ is written by me, its not a copy off of others. This FAQ spans and pick up on much more information than others before it, but its not complete yet. Section IV is coming soon, and Section V might or might not be made.

Episode Guide - At the moment, it's a big episode list with the CORRECT spacing and lettering of the Robotech episodes. You would not believe how many web sites and creations mistype the episode names, even the Robotech DVDs. Each title is copied letter and space by letter and space from the episode titles in the show. In the coming future, the episode listing will become an episode guide featuring newly written multiple summaries of each episode.

Merchandise - This will be the ultimate guide to Robotech Merchandise and it will be coming soon. Nothing is for sale though.

Battlecry Video Game - Ultimate information page for the new Robotech: Battlecry video game.

Battlecry Ltd Edition - Informational and Gallery page for the Robotech: Battlecry Limited Edition.

Robotech GBA Game - Ultimate Information Page for the new Robotech: The Macross Saga for GameBoy Advance.

Robotech Lyrics - A full collection of lyrics to all the songs in Robotech as well as a few that didn't make it. Each Lyrics page has info on the songs and the lyrics themselves which are CORRECTLY typed out word for word of the song. This has been another problem on the web where people are not typing the correct parts to minor parts of the songs. In the future, it will be colored with images of the singers when they are singing the song that the page relates to. We do not have the lyrics to "The Way of Love" by Minmei since none of us has a copy of this unused song.

RT Production Staff - This is a full list of Production Staff members and their jobs as well as Voice Actors/Actresses that are allowed to be listed in public. Other Actors and Actresses that wasn't listed is due to Union issues and sites that do list them are only hurting those people and not helping them.

Interviews - This is a whole collection of Interviews that can be found of Production and Actor/Actress Staff members. Can you find any others? Please contact me.

Robotech Gallery - A very incomplete section, one day this will be the ultimate image source for Robotech. Until then, it has a full gallery for the Robotech video games, some fanart, old generated Robotech images by the original fandom, and the beginning of taking images from the Robotech DVDs. Lots more to come.

Sound Archive - The Ultimate Collection of Wave files and the few Midi files that exist. If you have any waves or midis I don't that's from Robotech, please send them over. I cannot host any mp3s or related files of music from the Soundtrack, released or not.

Robotech Downloads - The center of any non-image downloads. Desktop and Game related files. Sadly, I will host no videos of any kind due to bandwidth. I also cannot host mp3s of the Robotech Soundtrack or songs not on the CD because of copyrights and Harmony Gold. Sorry. If anyone has Robotech Screen Savers or Wallpapers, both using the Robotech TV series, please contact me.

Message Board - This is my own Message board for the web site. It covers all sections of the Robotech universe and still based on the TV series view for some sections. Please come and visit. For all types of Fans and a great stop for asking questions about Robotech and interacting with other fans.

Chat Room - This is a Java IRC Chat room connected to irc.autobotnation.com for the time being. All fans are welcome, please stop by to chat or ask questions.

Robotech Polls - Coming One Day - Three sections of Polls: Series, Merchandise, and Site/Others. Some of them will be open polls forever to vote on and others will be for a limited time. New polls will normally be every two months.

Acronyms - A collection of acronyms for both Robotech and the Internet. This is a very good spot to figure out what people are typing in chats.

Robotech Holidays - These are made up holidays to relate to Robotech for fan fun. Can you think of your own? Contact me.

Join The Web Rings - This is the local center of Robotech web rings we support and help host. This is the best way to make your Robotech web site known to the world. Join today!

Web Rings & Links - A collection of good Robotech links and Web Rings that our site is joined to.

Site About - What you are reading right now. The full list of info on each section of my web site and info about the site as well.

Disclaimers - This is where all legal people need to check out to see all the nice copyrights of ownership of Robotech and the japanese related series'. As well, good to look to see what your rights might be on using what I have.

The Credits - All the nice people that helped me out in one way or another. Thanks to you all.

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