The Robotech News Archive

    Robotech Companion presents to you the Robotech News Archive. Counting over 17 years of Robotech history in existence, this archive will try its best to capture our great TV series in its events, releases, dating, and more. You will find dates of when the TV series aired nation-wide, merchandise releases, almost to come creations, a few fan productions such as web sites, and much more. The ideal of the Robotech News Archive is to present the fan with a database of news and history with real references of the origin of the information. Maybe you just missed two months of the latest happenings while you were busy with your life, or maybe you'll like to walk down the memory lane of Robotech. The first day the TV series aired nation-wide, or the month that Matchbox released its first toys. Don't forget the latest Robotech news being written as it comes on the main Robotech Companion site.

Current Status: Very Incomplete; There is still much that I can add to the Archive. So, don't start worrying that it seems empty in the older dates. For the time being, my energies will not be focus on collecting the whole sets of dates until later after the Merchandise section is complete. Though, the current news will always be updated day in and day out on the main page: Robotech Companion.