Name: Robotech: Battlecry
Publisher: TDK Mediactive
Developer: Vicious Cycle
Release Date: September 23, 2002
GameCube Release: October 8, 2002
Platforms: Playstation 2, GameCube, and X-Box
Players: 1-2
Genre: Action
Single-Player Levels: Over 35
Multi-player: Yes, Death matches

Case Back Summary:

Devastated by the Robotech War, Earth struggles to fight off the remaining alien Zentraedi invaders. As a transformable Veritech Fighter pilot, you must engage the enemy on land in Battloid mode, in aerial dogfights in Guardian mode, and in outer space battles in Fighter mode. Change into a warrior. Change into a hero. Change or die.

     After 17 years of waiting, Robotech fans has finally gotten a Robotech video game. Released for Playstation 2 and X-Box in September and Nintendo GameCube in October 2002. There will be no difference between platform versions other than graphic quality depending on the power of the system. Robotech: Battlecry features over 35 single-player levels with primary and secondary objectives!

     Vicious Cycle is a company of hardcore fans of the Robotech series. The game is using a cartoon rendering style of cel-shading based on the design of the show. "We all agreed right from the start that our game had to look like you're playing in the show," says President of Vicious Cycle Eric Peterson. The Leader Designer Adam Cogan also comments, "Even the skies look hand-painted, just like you would see in the real series." (Page 82 EGM).

     Battlecry features a Story Mode gameplay of completing chapters and missions where you collect medals and unlock Veritech models and skins. Weapons are unlimited. As you complete missions, Battlecry creates a list of them so you can return in the future for fun. You are also able to save every time you complete a mission with a memory card.

     Multiplaying in this Robotech world isn't forgotten as Electronic Gaming Monthly states, "The two-player mode being planned for Robotech involves one-on-one veritech dogfights various areas." Disappointing is the this fact: "No Internet or four-player support is planned at this time," says Eric Peterson (EGM Page 84).

     Characters that will appear in this new continuity will be Jack Archer, a new ace RDF pilot; Hiro Ishi, Archer's buddy and talented Destroid pilot; Hansen Chase, an apparent superior officer; and Izzy, the spunky wing-woman who'll guard one's back throughout this tale.  On the Zentraedi side are Zeraal, Gorian, Skarrde and Kiyora, a female Zentraedi flier obsessed with offing the protagonist. Of course, our real Macross Saga characters will be here: Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmei, and Roy Fokker! Fokker is the one who recruited Archer. However, the new characters are rip off of original Zentraedi characters in either design or their role.

     Most of the game centers around the last part of Macross saga, after Force of Arms, episode 27. "There's a prequel section at the beginning of the game that deals with the whole first part of the storyline. As far as the convoluted story stuff, we didn't wanna tell that whole story. We wanted to center on a certain part of the plot and elaborate a little. But it's a separate,
parallel storyline to the series." - Adam Cogan (Gamers' Web site).

     This prequel section includes 4 levels prior to the destruction of Earth's surface while afterwards, will begin an alternate world based on the events after that episode where the player will be writing history. Training missions will be taught by Roy Fokker himself to learn how an expert Veritech pilot flies.  Choosing this period in Macross Saga allows the game to be on Earth mostly than space. Though, space battles will be included. Earth will include sky missions, city missions, missions over rolling terrain, canyon runs and more. "We felt that keeping the game in space would have done a disservice to the license." - Adam Cogan (Page 82 EGM).

     And of course, the game will have fully transformable Veritech of the four models existing. Transformation includes: Fighter, Guardian, and Battloid mode. "We debated a lot about letting the players transform whenever they wanted to. In the end we decided it was a [must] to give them that freedom. If you lock gamers into Battloid for certain missions and Guardian for others, they'll just get all pissed off. If you can't transform, [the game's] not worth owning." - Vicious Cycle President Eric Peterson (Page 83 EGM).

     One of the coolest part of the game is just about everything in the game world can be demolished. "Picture patrolling the streets of a city on Earth and being set upon by five or six Zentraedi Battlesuits. You switch to Battloid robot mode and strafe left, firing your gun. As you pass in front of a building, all the windows on the fifth floor shatter from your barrage of gunfire. Sensing that you're being flanked, you transform to Guardian, levitate above the rooftops, then blast the Battlesuits with a streaming volley of missiles. But as the smoke clears, you see nothing but a pile of rubble where that city block used to be. Being the battle-hardened flyboy you are, you convert to Fighter mode and jet skyward, eagle eyes scanning for the next skirmish." - Electronic Gaming Monthly, Page 83

     This game will have everything built from Macross Saga, Peterson assures us, including All Veritech models, Destroids, Officer Battlepods, SDF-1 and the like. Harmony Gold has made the game developers use Japanese names for the Destroids instead of the Robotech Destroid names. The Armored Battloid is called an Armored Veritech, while the Armored Veritech is a Super Veritech in the game. As not being an authentic part of the continuity, it has a major conflict: It claims the SDF-1 has a found-able supply of Protoculture that Scientists found, know what it is, and is used for mecha.

      To great delight, Vicious Cycle has used 7 Original Voice Actors of Robotech to host voices in Battlecry as their own characters and new ones. The Voices are of: Rick, Lisa, Minmei, Roy, Max, Musica, and Angelo of the 85 Episodes of Robotech. The new RDF Pilot, Jack Archer, will be voiced by Cam Clarke (Voice of Max Sterling). Robotech Music will be redone versions of the Robotech BGM, but no Minmei songs.

     Plans for any Southern Cross or New Generation games are still undecided, but more Macross Saga games could happen. "We have plenty of ideas where we could go with a sequel, if that's what you're asking. It depends on the plans TDK has for a second or third title and what developer they'd wanna use. We hope they'd want to use us." Eric Peterson (Gamers' Web Site).

     Please enjoy the screenshots of the games below the "About" info.

About "Robotech: Battlecry" (written by TDK Mediactive):
A mission-driven action title, "Robotech" embodies the classic mecha-filled mayhem of the animated series. Featuring all-encompassing destruction on a giant scale, "Robotech" is a high-octane arcade shooter that captures the television show's spectacular visuals and epic storyline.

As an intrepid fighter pilot, the player must protect cities of Earth from roving bands of a giant alien race, the Zentraedi. The player pilots the versatile Veritech Fighter, a giant transformable mechanized robot that can convert into a high-flying jet fighter, a 40-foot tall humanoid robot, and a combination of both. Each transformation mode offers new movement options, special abilities or weapons. To succeed in battle, the player must use more than one mode to complete their assigned objectives. In keeping with the "Robotech" identity, the environments, mecha, characters, and overall appearance are modeled directly from the stylized look of the highly-regarded animated series.

Features for "Robotech: Battlecry" include:
- Myriad of environments, including deep space and crowded cities
- Three transformation modes, including Fighter (fighter plane), Battloid (humanoid robot), and Guardian (combination of both), each with individual strengths and weaknesses
- Intense arcade action and awesome Cel Shaded graphics
- Eight different arcade shooter gameplay elements, including search and destroy, guard, attrition, and escort
Preview Videos: Newest Final X-Box Preview (.mpeg file 21.8MB); New Short Final X-Box Preview (.mpeg file 5MB); Robotech Out-Game Preview for Xbox (.mpg file

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