Robotech Fictional Holidays

Robotech Holidays are created just for fun for fans and is not trying to replace real holidays or days people believe in because of their religion. Below the list of holidays are their meanings and what were the real holidays that they replaced, if they did so.  (note: none of these holidays are meant to relate to the authentic Robotech universe)

If you have your own ideas of holidays relating to a Robotech-like way to be added to the list, email me with the title, date, holiday it might change, and info on it.

Holidays List
New Matrix - Jan. 1st
Love Emotion Day - Feb. 14th
Battlepod  Day  - March  31st
Protoculture Collection Day - April 15th
Micronian Memorial Day - May 27th
SDF-1's Crash Landing Day - July 1st
Robotech Empire Day - July 4th
Expeditionary Day - Oct. 14th
Terrorize Micronian Night - Oct. 30th
Insane Khyron Day - Oct. 31st
Micronian Veteran's Day - Nov. 25th
ThanksZent Day - Nov. 25th
Protomas Eve - Dec. 24th
Protomas - Dec. 25th
New Matrix Eve - Dec. 31st

Holiday Meanings
Love Emotion Day (Valentine's Day) - Celebration of Relationships in the Robotech Universe.

Battlepod Day (Easter) - A children's holiday where kids go searching for old ruined Battlepods on the Earth to see how many they can find. The only thing that makes the awful scenery seem not so negative with the ruins of other Zentraedi mecha and ships.

Protoculture Collection Day -  The awful day of the year that the Robotech Masters go around and take their share of Protoculture from each population.

Micronian Memorial Day (Memorial Day) - To commemorate soldiers who died in the Robotech Wars on Earth and in the galaxy.

SDF-1's Crash Landing Day
- Celebration of the SDF-1 crashing on Macross
Island in 1999.

Robotech Empire Day (Independence Day) - Celebration of the Robotech Masters'
Robotech Empire.

Micronian Veteran's Day (Memorial Day) - To commemorate former soldiers of the Earth Defense Forces (RDF, ASC, and REF).

Expeditionary Day (Columbus Day) - Celebration of the Expeditionary mission and the REF and their colonization of the galaxy.

Terrorize Micronian Night (Mischievous Night) - The night to terrorize humans on earth. (Please do not do this, it is Mischievous Night and so the meaning is the same.)

Insane Khyron Day (Halloween) - Put on your costumes to trick Khyron, so he doesn't think you're a Micronian of Earth and then go trick or taking (trick or treating). Go around town asking Trick Micronians or Take Protoculture (Trick or Treat) and if the humans of earth know better they will give you Protoculture (candy).

ThanksZent Day (Thanksgiving) - Celebration of peace between the Humans and Zentraedi.

Protomas Eve (Christmas Eve) - The day before the Celebration of Zor and the
discovery of Protoculture.

Protomas (Christmas) - Celebration of Zor and the discovery of Protoculture.

New Matrix Eve (New Years Eve) - The day before the new Protoculture Matrix of the year is made.

New Matrix (New Years) - The day that a new Protoculture Matrix is made. It only happens once a year and make sure to get your Matrix before anyone else does. Get yourself a seed or two of the Flowers of Life and put it inside the Martix. The stasis of the seed will generate huge amounts of energy to power your giant starship or neo-city.