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Nov 20th - Important new Robotech News! Time to spend another 200 dollars on Robotech DVD! I'm aware I haven't been updating the web site for a long while now. However, I'm not dead. So, keep checking in. As well, please e-mail me with any Robotech questions you ever have; I will answer them.

Aug 27th - Important new Robotech News! Sorry, but Robotech news has been pretty slow. This new update made the wait well worth it!

July 5, 8th - Robotech News Updated!

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Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition DVDs
November 20, 2003 - When Robotech was originally made, it was actually longer than the episodes you have been watching for the last 18 years. This "unedited" Robotech was edited down to get on most TV networks. The unedited english audio track was originally believed to be lost, but Harmony Gold has finally found it and ADV has decided to create DVDs with it. Remastering this lost audio track and using the remastered footage of the original Japanese shows, ADV has generated the original pre-aired unedited Robotech series. The first 12 episodes will be on DVD for $29.99 and released on Jan. 27, 2004.
Source: Harmony Gold's Robotech.com

Robotech: Invasion! EGM has it!
August 27, 2003 - Electronic Gaming Monthly October 2003 features the soon to come new Robotech Video Game! Formerly known as Robotech 2 Video game. Its featured on page 53. Robotech: Invasion will be released in Late 2004 for all three consoles. Based on The New Generation saga, it will be a first-person shooter and includes both single playing and online multiplaying action. TDK plans for LAN and Online support of 16-player simultaneous campaigns with business services.
Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 171 October 2003

Robotech at the Anime Expo
July 8, 2003 - The Robotech Panel at the Anime Expo 2003 displays pictures and art on the huge TV. Art/CG images of the new Robotech video game was shown and prototype pics of the Masterpiece Alphas. These alphas that you can pre-order now, will be smaller than the Veritech releases, so the Beta Fighter won't be too large. Also, there was little talk about Robotech 2004, only that Tatsunoko will be involved. [ Art of Robotech 2 Video Game  Prototype Alpha 1  Prototype Alpha 2 ]
Source: Anime Expo 2003 (Thanks to Daid for these images)

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Macross Zero DVD Volume 2 released!
May 23, 2002 - Volume 2 of Macross Zero releases on DVD in Japan. This episode is titled "The Star on the Ground".
Source: Macross Compendium

Macross Zero DVD Volume 1 released!
Dec 21, 2002 - The brand new Macross OVA releases in Japan today under the title of Macross Zero. This is volume 1 titled "The Sea and Wind and…". A wonderful new mini-series!
Source: Macross Compendium

Macross VF-Zero Update
July 24, 2002 - The new Macross OVA will be set a year before SDF Macross TV series which will put it at 2008. The OVA will have 5 Volumes total. Test Pilot Characters:  Shin Kudoh, and sisters Mao and Sara. The VF-E or VF-0 Phoenix. [ Macross VF-0 Characters
Source: Macross Compendium

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