Robotech Song Lyrics

The Macross Saga
My Time to be a Star - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)
The Man in My Life - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)
To Be in Love - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)
It's You - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)
We Will Win - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)
The Right Move - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)^
The Way to Love - Lynn Minmei (Reba West)*^

Southern Cross
It's You - George Sullivan (???)^
The Flower of Life - Musica (???)^***
Lifeline - Background Song (???)*^***

The New Generation
Look Up! The Sky is Falling - Yellow Dancer (Michael Bradley)
It Don't Get Any Better - Yellow Dancer (Michael Bradley)
Lonely Soldier Boy - Yellow Dancer (Michael Bradley)
The Way to Love - Yellow Dancer (Michael Bradley)
We Will Win - Yellow Dancer (Michael Bradley)

Robotech: The Movie; The Untold Story**
In My Heart - Background Song (Three Dog Night)
Underground - Background Song (
Michael Bradley & Joanne Harris)
Saved by Science - EVE (Joanne Harris
Only a Fool - EVE (Gigi Agrama)
Call on Me - EVE (Joanne Harris
The Future is Now - EVE (Joanne Harris)

Robotech II: The Sentinels**
Together - Lynn Minmei and Janice (Sunny Hilden)

Robotech, Robotech - French Main Theme Song (???)*^***

*      Not used in the 85 Episodes of Robotech
^      Not Released on the Robotech Perfect Collection CD Set
**    Movie is not an authentic part of the Robotech continuity
***  Released Only on French Robotech Soundtrack LP
(   )   Singer who sang the song in real life

Sources for All pages: Song names from Robotech Perfect Collection CD Set. Lyrics from the songs themselves.