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I won't be updating the Japanese Macross News anymore (if you haven't noticed) to focus more on Robotech news. I will post any major Macross news such as the release dates for Macross Zero and other major events.

Macross Zero DVD Volume 2 released!
May 23, 2002 - Volume 2 of Macross Zero releases on DVD in Japan. This episode is titled "The Star on the Ground".
Source: Macross Compendium

Macross Zero DVD Volume 1 released!
Dec 21, 2002 - The brand new Macross OVA releases in Japan today under the title of Macross Zero. This is volume 1 titled "The Sea and Wind andů". A wonderful new mini-series!
Source: Macross Compendium

Macross VF-Zero Update
July 24, 2002 - The new Macross OVA will be set a year before SDF Macross TV series which will put it at 2008. The OVA will have 5 Volumes total. Test Pilot Characters:  Shin Kudoh, and sisters Mao and Sara. The VF-E or VF-0 Phoenix. [ Macross VF-0 Characters
Source: Macross Compendium

SDF Macross 1st Mini-Box DVD Set coming
June 19, 2002 - AnimEigo has announced that their first SDF Macross Mini-Box Set of three DVDs will be releasing July 1st. Each DVD has 4 episodes each and the set will cost $88.
Source: AnimEigo's Web Site

New Files of Macross VF-Zero Articles founded
June 13, 2002 - I have finally found the full article (which is in japanese) from where the VF-0 picture came from. I have also found a new article that shows what this valkyrie really is. The VF-E. Go Check them out! [ File of Article 1   File of Article 2 ]

Macross Plus: The Movie Releases on DVD!
May 30, 2002 - Macross Plus The Movie came out today in the stores and I saw it myself in Suncoast at the mall. Go out and pick up a copy! [ More details on this release ]

First Volume of New Macross Zero to be released in Japan
May 23, 2002 - The First Volume of the new Macross OVA, named Macross Zero (or VF-0) is to be released in Japan on October 25, 2002! This new series will have 4 volumes total.
Source: Anime News Service Web Site

Hobbylink Japan analysis of Harmony Gold and the Legal Battles
May 1, 2002 - Hobbylink Japan's president, Scott T. Hards, has published an extensive study of the legal battle going on in Japan as well as what Harmony Gold is doing in the international market (as listed below on April 15th).  [ Legal Battle Analysis ]

AnimEigo SDF Macross Release Update
April 20, 2002 - AnimEigo has announced that they will be releasing the SDF Macross DVDs in mini box sets before individual release. These mini-sets will include 3 DVDs each.
Source: AnimEigo at Acen 2002

Harmony Gold attempts to stop all sales of Macross Toys internationally
April 15, 2002 - Due to Harmony Gold's greed to become the sole sellers (Toynami)  of anything for Robotech and its japanese relations, they have sent out letters to many online stores that sell Japanese Macross Toys, including Blasto Toys. Harmony Gold wishes them to stop selling SDF Macross related (including DYRL) toys altogether. If they did not stop, HG will take legal actions. [ Letter Blasto Toys Received  Legal Battle Analysis ]
Source: Harmony Gold's Lawsuit Letter

A new Macross OVA in plans
March 2002 - A new OVA is being made in Japan under the codename: Macross VF-0 (or Zero). [ Picture of the New Valkyrie ]

Macross Plus the Movie hits DVD this Spring
2002 - Manga Entertainment plans on releasing Macross Plus the Movie subtitled on a single DVD coming May 28, 2002. [ More details on this release ]
Source: Manga Entertainment's Web Site

Super Dimensional Fortress: Macross TV series releasing
2001 - The Original Japanese SDF Macross TV hits DVD by AnimEigo. Four episodes per DVD for a total of 9 DVDs in all. One Box Set of all 9 DVDs can also be bought from AnimEigo. Each episode will be subtitled only.  Box set pre-orders shipped: Jan. 2, 2002 and MiniBox Sets and Individual: Later in 2002. [ Complete Informational/Review Page  AnimEigo: Macross TV Series ]
Source: AnimEigo's Web Site

Macross Game for Dreamcast released
Feb 22, 2001 - The first Macross game for Dreamcast was released in Japan under the name Macross M3. It takes place sometime inbetween SDF Macross and Macross 7. [ Official Macross M3 Game Web Site  Dreamcast Macross M3 Game Review ]
Source: Shoeisha's Web Site and IGN site

Macross 3D was cancelled
2001 - Big West had plans of making a 3D Computer Graphic Macross OVA, but the plans were scraped. The reason is believed to be by fans wanting it to be done in traditional Anime drawing. Big West has replaced this project with the new VF-Zero OVA [ Macross 3D Outdated Info ]

Yamato releases Macross Plus toys in Japan
2001 - After sometime, Yamato finally released the three Macross Plus valkyries: YF-19, VF-11, and YF-21 in Japan. There were plans of releasing them in America by the importing company, ToyCom, but Harmony Gold stopped this dream. Last heard, these valkyries in Japan are beginning to be discontinued. [ Toycom's Macross Toys  YF-19  VF-11  YF-21 ]

Macross Plus: The Game Edition was released in Japan
June 29, 2000 - The very first Macross Plus game to made was released today for the Playstation. Gameplay is much like Macross VF-X2 that was also released for Playstation. [ Official Macross Plus Game Web Site  Macross Plus Game Preview ]
Source: Shoeisha's Web Site and IGN site