Robotech TV Series Production Staff

Executive & Creative Staff       Job(s)
Ahmed Agrama   -   Executive Producer
Jehan Agrama   -   Associate Producer
Debbie Alba   -   Dialogue Director
Robert Barron   -   Supervising Director, Writer, Dialogue Director
Ardwight Chamberlain   -   Writer
Greg Finley   -   Writer, Dialogue Director
Kent Hayes   -   Production Manager
Jason Klassi   -   Writer
Steve Kramer   -   Script Editor, Writer, Dialogue Director
Carl Macek    -   Producer, Story Editor
Mike Reynolds   -   Writer, Dialogue Director
Gregory Snegoff   -   Writer, Dialogue Director
Tao Will   -   Writer

Tech Staff           Job(s)
Jorge Allia   -   Transfer
Leonardo Araujo   -   Recording Engineer
George Bours   -   Recording Engineer
Guillermo Coelho   -   Video Tape Engineer
John Reiner   -   Recording Engineer
Bryan J. Rusenko   -   Chief Engineer
Eduardo Torres   -   Recording Engineer
Gerardo Valdez   -   Transfer
Joel Valentine   -   Final Re-Recording

Music Staff                   Job(s)
Michael Bradley   -   Composer, Songwriter, Lancer's Singing Voice
Alberto Ruben Estevez   -   Music Composer
Ulpio Minucci   -   Music Composer, Robotech Theme
John Mortarotti   -   Music Editor
Arlon Ober   -   Music Composer, Arranger, Songwriter
Reba West   -   Minmei's Singing Voice
Thomas A. White   -   Executive Music Producer

Voice Actors           Character(s)
Cam Clarke  -   Max Sterling, Lancer
Richard Epcar   -   Ben Dixon, Grel, Lunk
Greg Finley   -   Henry Gloval, Leonard
Rebecca Forstadt AKA Reba West  -   Lynn Minmei
Melora Harte    -    Musica
Steve Kramer   -   Angelo Dante
Wendee Lee   -   Vanessa
Melanie MacQueen   -    Lisa Hayes, Marlene
Tony Oliver   -   Rick Hunter
Gregory Snegoff   -   Khyron, Fredricks, Scott Bernard
Dan Woren   -   Roy Fokker

Note: Any other Voice Actors who worked on Robotech that are not listed here, cannot be due to Union issues. Any web site who does list these other voice actors, endanger actor's careers. Thank You.

Sources: Robotech TV Series Opening and Closing Credits. Voice Actor help comes from Tom Bateman. Robotech Perfect Soundtrack.