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Robotech Remastered: Extended Edition DVDs
November 20, 2003 - When Robotech was originally made, it was actually longer than the episodes you have been watching for the last 18 years. This "unedited" Robotech was edited down to get on most TV networks. The unedited english audio track was originally believed to be lost, but Harmony Gold has finally found it and ADV has decided to create DVDs with it. Remastering this lost audio track and using the remastered footage of the original Japanese shows, ADV has generated the original pre-aired unedited Robotech series. The first 12 episodes will be on DVD for $29.99 and released on Jan. 27, 2004.
Source: Harmony Gold's

Robotech: Invasion! EGM has it!
August 27, 2003 - Electronic Gaming Monthly October 2003 features the soon to come new Robotech Video Game! Formerly known as Robotech 2 Video game. Its featured on page 53. Robotech: Invasion will be released in Late 2004 for all three consoles. Based on The New Generation saga, it will be a first-person shooter and includes both single playing and online multiplaying action. TDK plans for LAN and Online support of 16-player simultaneous campaigns.
Source: Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 171 October 2003

Robotech at the Anime Expo
July 8, 2003 - The Robotech Panel at the Anime Expo 2003 displays pictures and art on the huge TV. Art/CG images of the new Robotech video game was shown and prototype pics of the Masterpiece Alphas. These alphas that you can pre-order now, will be smaller than the Veritech releases, so the Beta Fighter won't be too large. Also, there was little talk about Robotech 2004, only that Tatsunoko will be involved. [ Art of Robotech 2 Video Game  Prototype Alpha 1  Prototype Alpha 2 ]
Source: Anime Expo 2003 (Thanks to Daid for these images)

Green Metallic Exclusive Alpha
July 5, 2003 - Coming out this month, in July, is the Super Poseable Alphas. GameStop has set up a special exclusive to sell the Green Alpha as a Metallic version. This will only be sold at their stores. Make sure you go to GameStop for your Alpha collection and pick up this great exclusive. Special Green Metallic Version is releasing July 31, 2003 and is limited to the production of 2,000. [ Pre-Order Metallic Alpha ]

Robotech Summer Convention Tour 2003
May 25, 2003 - Harmony Gold will be present at some of the upcoming Anime & comic conventions of this summer, 2003.
Santa Clara Convention Center - June 20-22nd
Anime Expo:
Anaheim Convention Center - July 3-6th
Comic Con Convention:
San Diego Convention Center - July 17-20th
Source: Harmony Gold's

CORRECTION for the New Robotech Video Game
May 17, 2003 - It seems that IGN's information was slightly incorrect. Robotech 2 is NOT a Massive Multiplayer World, it is only a Single and Multiplayer game like the first one. The game does has the ability to play over the internet and for people to team up together, but this is not a MMO. It will be released by Christmas 2004.
Source: Employee from TDK Media

New Robotech Video Game!!
May 16, 2003 - This year at the E3, huge video game convention, TDK shows off a very very early stage of a brand new Robotech game, currently titled as Robotech 2. The level they showed to IGN sounds to be a Cyclone rider running across some Invid, maybe. The company is touting a massive multiplayer online game. IGN theorizes that maybe we'll be able to play the different armies of the Robotech universe. At this stage, the game is displaying first and third person views and coming soon effects of weather with 7-8 different environments to fight in. Its scheduled for 2004. Though, its far far too early to see where this game is going and if it'll be completed by its date.  [ IGN Preview ]

Robotech Masterpiece 4 Alphas Coming Soon
May 5, 2003 - Almost all the Veritech Masterpiece models have been released, now its time to own your very own Veritech Alphas from The New Generation saga. All four Alpha model types will be released before spring 2004. GameStop believes that they're get each of theirs at these dates:
Scott's Blue Alpha: 10/10/03   Pre-Order
Rook's Red Alpha: 11/21/03   Pre-Order
Green Alpha: 12/22/03   Pre-Order
Shadow Fighter: 2/3/04   Pre-Order

Alpha and Mecha Super Poseables Coming Soon!
May 4, 2003 - Remember the pictures of Toy Fair 2003? New Super Poseables for Alphas and even Destroids and two color versions of Zentraedi Male Power Armor. Well, they are coming out sooner than you thought. The Super Poseable Alphas will include all 4 Alpha types, Blue, Red, Green, and even the Shadow Fighter! For the Mecha, You can buy two different RDF Destroids: Raidar X and Excaliber MKVI. As well, the Zentraedi Male Power Armor in its original green color, and also a purple color. I can't remember if the purple color armor is in the series or taken from somewhere else. However, these mecha toys look very similar to their Matchbox releases back in 86.  Alpha Poseables: July 2003   Mecha Poseables: August 2003! Pre-order them all now!  Pre-Order Alpha Collection  Mecha Collection

April 2002 News
Robotech Masterpiece Booster Armors Coming Soon
April 20, 2003 - You might have bought some of Toynami's Masterpiece Veritechs. Well, its time to buy those add-on boosters to them that you saw in episodes like Force of Arms. Toynami is releasing booster packs for the VF-1S, VF-1J Max, and VF-1J Miriya Masterpiece Veritechs. They're coming out in June, so pre-order yours today!! Pre-Order VF-1S Armor  VF-1J Max Armor  VF-1J Miriya Armor

April Fools: happily defaces itself again
April 1, 2003 - Its that favorite day of the year, when liars are publicly shown and keepers of facts can be seen under the pink. Yes, its that time of the year when publicly deface themselves! This year, if you get to catch it, Steve Yun is said to be leaving and replaced with a new webmaster, May Nguyen. For April Fools, they transformed their web site into pink heaven with "The perfect place to make friends" logo to replace the logo. There's a lot of pink and other girl-related words and colors. To top that, the horror Robotech 3000 link is back up again to claim there are DVDs like last year. No, there are no DVDs and no nothing. Again, we like to thank our visitors of Robotech Companion for remembering that we will not put up jokes or lies to our special visitors. Enjoy your Robotech time without the pinkness.
Source: Harmony Gold's

March 2002 News
Robotech Masterpiece #5 Miriya Coming Soon
March 27, 2003 - Its time again to get Toynami's Masterpiece Veritechs, this time is Miriya with her VF-1J Miriya Type Veritech. A Zentraedi with a veritech, the stranger things of Robotech... Coming out on May 16th. Pre-Order Yours Today!

A new Robotech comic story series coming
March 18, 2003 - As the first new Robotech mini-comic series comes to an end, Wildstorm is already up to a new comic that involves trying to make up two focuses during the Macross Saga. Max's and Miriya's romance and Minmei's stardom. These are NOT authentic and are beginning to show bad ideas being repeated from the original comics. Coming out June 4th.

- A new Robotech series begins, featuring two stories in each issue. In the main story, the romance between RDF fighter pilot Max Sterling and Zentraedi warrior Miriya is more fully explored. In the backup, follow the trials and tribulations of stardom and romance with Minmay as she films the major motion picture Little White Dragon. [ Love and War Prototype Cover ]

February 2002 News
Cartoon Network Ep Change - HG damages newbies
February 28, 2003 - The change to one of the Robotech episodes on Cartoon Network that aired this week was a MAJOR one. Harmony Gold has DARED try to write their flawed new universe onto the original 85 episodes by editing one scene in Dark Finale, episode 84 for that special Robotech week on Cartoon Network. On one scene, HG had "A.D. 2044" written. This is a major attack to the New Generation since there is no dating at all to really claim when any episodes of The New Generation took place other than after Southern Cross saga. Harmony Gold is trying to push their rewrite of making New Generation later than the 2030's. This change is NOT authentic and will be ignored by the fandom. This change is also NOT on the DVDs. [ 2044 Scene ]
Source: Robotech Bastardization on Cartoon Network Giant Robot week, episode 84

Harmony Gold changes on Outtro for CN eps
February 26, 2003 - Harmony Gold has changed a few words on the ending clip to the Robotech episodes for the Giant Robot week on Cartoon Network. They added their web site address and about new Robotech stuff coming out. They also changed the info about Comico to Wildstorm.
Source: Robotech on Cartoon Network for Giant Robot Week

Toynami displays their future toylines at the Toy Fair 2003
February 14, 2003 - Toynami shows off many of their upcoming toy lines for the Robotech series. New Poseables and I-Men figures as well as boosters for the Masterpiece toys and more. Check out these pages to see them: Page 1, Robotech toys begin from middle to bottom and Page 2, most of the page but the very bottom. [ Display 1  Display 2 ]

Robotech on Cartoon Network for a Week
February 5, 2003 - Robotech will only be on for three days on Cartoon Network. They have released the episodes that will be known, a bit of a disappointment kinda. 26th will be episode 1: Boobytrap. 27th: episode 84 Dark Finale and 28th: episode 85 Symphony of Light. I believe its Boobytrap that has the minor change to it that's different from the DVD release. The change I believe it is, is already on my site in the sound archive. People theorized that Harmony Gold is having this order of episodes being shown to just jump start to the end of Robotech to start their new TV series coming in 2004. Not good for new fans.
Source: Harmony Gold's

January 2002 News
Robotech on Cartoon Network for a Week
January 29, 2003 - The great Robotech TV series will return to Cartoon Network for one week only during the network's Giant Robots week. They also claim that one of the episodes of Robotech will be aired slightly different than the common version found on the DVDs. My guess is the Force of Arms episode with the extra few mintues of Minmei singing when looking at Earth. This week of Robotech will begin on Feb 26 to the 28th at 4:30EST.
Source: ADV Press Release

Robotech Masterpiece #4 Max Sterling Coming Soon
January 26, 2003 - Its time to get the ace of the Micronians, Max Sterling and his newer VF-1J Max Type. Max gets the VF-1J  blue painted later in the series. This great Masterpiece toy will be releasing on Feb 21. Pre-Order Yours Today!

Robotech Appears in Animerica
January 7, 2003 - In this months Animerica Magazine, Volume 11, No. 1, Robotech and Japanese Macross are on pages 40 to 47 and Rick Hunter is on the front cover! Though, I would ignore the timeline they give for Robotech since its from Harmony Gold's screwed up dating.
Source: Animerica, Volume 11, No. 1

December 2002 News

Robotech Masterpiece #3 Roy Fokker Releases
December 14, 2002 - After a very long wait and delay, the third Masterpiece Veritech is finally releasing soon and it's the great Skull Leader VF-1S that Roy Fokker pilots! You can get yours on December 17th!

Robotech Comic #0 Releases
December 4, 2002 - The New comic by Wildstorm has released. It takes place sometime after The Macross Saga and is filled with conflicts toward the series and rewriting history. Main conflict is with the Three Mounds. You may want to pick up an issue and look over it to find the errors with it.
Source: Wildstorm Robotech Comic #0

November 2002 News

Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention for RT
November 16, 2002 - This Convention in Los Angeles will feature some Robotech guest including Dan Woren and Tony Oliver, voice actors of Rick and Roy, and Tommy Yune will be there as well. As well, Michael Bartley shall be there, the singing voice of Yellow Dancer and songwriter! The Robotech Panel will be open at 1PM on December 15th. Robotech freebies are giving out as well. [ More Info ]

Robotech Trading Cards Update
November 2002 - Somehow we all missed this old update that looks like it happened back in September sometime. Hero Factory has created a full Robotech page on their site for their great new series of Robotech trading cards with samples. The Cards will have images from the three Robotech sagas, a few special Battlecry and Masterpiece cards, and space editions. Shipping sometime in November 2002. [ Full Cards Page with Checklist ]

October 2002 News
Robotech McKinney Novels re-issue released
October 29, 2002 - Dal Rel has released the two Robotech: The Macross Saga 3 in 1 novels that was written by Jack McKinney in 1987 and began the wild debate against the McKinney universe VS the TV series. These novels are not authentic or correct to the Robotech TV series continuity. 
Source: Stores