Robotech FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions 2.0
Table of Contents

Section I: Introduction to Robotech and TV series
     1.1 What is Robotech?
     1.2 How many Episodes does Robotech have?
     1.3 What is the Robotech Universe About (Overall)?
     1.4 What are the Three Saga's about (No Spoilers)?
     1.5 Why do we label it Southern Cross instead?
     1.6 Is Robotech still on TV/Cable?
     1.7 Why didn't Cartoon Network show The New Generation?
     1.8 Is Robotech Available on VHS or DVD?
     1.9 Can I download Robotech episodes from the Internet?

Section II: The Production
     2.1 Who is Harmony Gold U.S.A., Inc?
     2.2 Who is Carl Macek?
     2.3 What were Harmony Gold's Original Plans?
     2.4 Why was Robotech created instead?
     2.5 How was the name Robotech chosen?
     2.6 What is the Macross and Mospeada Dubs?
        2.6.1 Is Macross and Mospeada Dubs Available on VHS or DVD?
     2.7 What is Codename: Robotech?
        2.7.1 Is Codename Available on VHS or DVD?
     2.8 What are Robotech Eye-Catchers
        2.8.1 Where can I see the Robotech Eye-Catchers
     2.9 What is Robotech Wars?
     2.10 How was the Opening & Closing created?
     2.11 What is odd about episode 37, Dana's Story?
     2.12 Where is the SDF-2 in episode 36?
     2.13 What is special about Aunt Lena's name
     2.14 Why was Robotech edited for violence and related?
     2.15 Why are there Animation mistakes?
     2.16 What is
     2.17 What is The New Robotech Series?

Section III: Unreleased, Incomplete, and Canceled Projects by Harmony Gold
     3.1 Robotech: The Movie: The Untold Story
        3.1.1 What is Robotech: The Movie?
        3.1.2 What was the first version about?
        3.1.3 Why was this version changed?
        3.1.4 What was the second version about?
        3.1.5 Why did the film fail in preview?
        3.1.6 Was it ever released?
        3.1.7 Where can I get a copy of the Second version?
     3.2 Robotech II: The Sentinels
        3.2.1 What is Robotech II: The Sentinels?
        3.2.2 What was The Sentinels about?
        3.2.3 How many episodes were completed?
        3.2.4 Why wasn't The Sentinels completed?
        3.2.5 What happened to the Sentinels designs?
        3.2.6 What is the Sentinels Movie?
        3.2.7 Is The Sentinels Movie Available on VHS or DVD?
     3.3 Robotech III: The Odyssey
        3.3.1 What is Robotech III: The Odyssey
        3.3.2 What was The Odyssey about?
        3.3.3 What stopped it from going into production?
     3.4 Robotech 3000
        3.4.1 What is Robotech 3000?
        3.4.2 What was 3000 about?
        3.4.3 Why was 3000 canceled?
        3.4.4 How much footage was produced?

Section IV: The Merchandise  -  Coming Soon

Section V
  -  May or May Not be Coming

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