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My web site is always being worked on to be one of the most comprehensive guides to the Robotech series and be the one stop source for all your Robotech needs. I hope you enjoy my web site. Please E-mail me any comments, suggestions, or questions about my site and Robotech. Thank You. - The Masters

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November 2003 Updates
Nov 20th - Important new Robotech News! Time to spend another 200 dollars on Robotech DVD! I'm aware I haven't been updating the web site for a long while now. However, I'm not dead. So, keep checking in. As well, please e-mail me with any Robotech questions you ever have; I will answer them.

August 2003 Updates

Aug 27th - Important new Robotech News! Sorry, but Robotech news has been pretty slow. This new update made the wait well worth it!

July 2003 Updates
July 5, 8th - Robotech News Updated!

May 2003 Updates

May 23rd - Japanese Macross News Updated - Yes, this section won't be updated that often. However, when the next Macross Zero release date is announced, I will be sure to post it up on the page.

May 16,17th - HOTTEST Robotech news anywhere! Correction News, IGN screws up.

May 10th - Added another Carl Macek Interview! This one is very short, but its from 1988 and Macek tells in his own words the failure of Sentinels.

May 4,5th - Robotech News Updated! Added a new link to the link page!
Site Announcement: I want to thank everyone who has visited my site, at least once. I hope my site is slowly growing into your source for Robotech. I haven't added much lately other than the news, but I want to let everyone know that I have began again working on two of my major sections: Merchandise and Episode Guide. I would like to get the Merchandise guide up way before the end of summer. Episode Guide, will be a lot more work than that. Stay Tuned!

April 2003 Updates
April 1,20th  - Robotech News Updated Again. Joke-free, Fact full, Trusted.

March 2003 Updates

March 18, 27th - Robotech news updated again.

February 2003 Updates

Feb 5, 14, 26, 28th - Robotech News updated. Serious 28th News

Feb 5th - Robotech News updated.

Feb 2nd - Grand Opening of The Robotech Companion!!!!!!!!! For the Battlecry Ltd Edition page, I rescanned in many of the images with better quality and correctness, since I have a new scanner now. A lot of other things new on the site as well. WELCOME to the Robotech Companion!

Feb 2nd - Today is the close of the Robotech Information Center which now has 25520 hits.

December 2002 Updates

Dec 4, 16th  - Robotech News Updated

November 2002 Updates

Nov 16th - Robotech News Updated finally. Not much happening out there in the world. I been working on my stage 2 site a lot lately.

October 2002 Updates

Oct 22, 25th  - Robotech News Updated

Oct 19th - Robotech GBA Game page Updated! I finally got the Macross Saga GBA game and now I completely revised its page with a lot of information about its features and new pictures!

Oct 13th - I added a new link to my Link Page. Battlecry for GameCube is released now. Stage 2 of my Web site is coming soon.

Oct 10th - I added links to the Comic news of Sneak Preview pages of #0 and #1.

September 2002 Updates
Sept 28th - Robotech: Battlecry Informational Page Updated. New pictures added, article revised, mostly updated and modern plus a few new sentences. 

Sept 24, 25, 27th - Robotech News Updated.

Sept 24th - Ultimate Update - I have created the Robotech: Battlecry Limited Edition Merchandise Page filled with all the info and pictures of the set! This is a sneak preview of a section that can be on Stage 2 of my web site. Update on the Battlecry Info Page will come in the following days, stay tuned!!!!

Sept 20, 23rd - Robotech News Updated.

Sept 16th - Ultimate Update - I have updated my Robotech: Battlecry Informational Page, I added a new paragraph about the characters that will be in the game. I also merged all the older updates with the article. Release dates updated and new trailer links. The Trailer links are at the bottom of the article. Robotech News is also updated!

Sept 12, 13th  - Robotech News updated and Date updated on the Robotech GBA Game page.

Sept 9, 10th - Robotech News updated a few times.

August 2002 Updates
Aug 12, 22th - Robotech News Updated! Please Stay Soon as the next stage of my web site will soon come. This is why you're not seeing web changes other than news and updates to my pages, because I plan to have a full new blast as I evolve to the next stage of my site. Thank You

Aug 8th - Robotech News Updated - Masterpiece Alphas.

Aug 1, 2nd - Robotech News Updated from San Diego Comic-Con.

July 2002 Updates
July 27th - Robotech: Battlecry and Robotech GBA Game Pages are Updated! Robotech News updated as well.

July 18, 19, 24th - Robotech and japanese Macross News Updated. New picture uploaded for Macross Zero.

July 17th - Robotech news about another attempt of a Robotech future.

July 10th - Robotech News - Alpha Super-Poseables

July 9th - Robotech News about the New Robotech Series.

July 4th - Robotech: Battlecry Site updated and the Robotech News.

June 2002 Updates
June 27th - Updated the Robotech News about the Anime Expo and VF-1A Preorders.

June 19th - Macross News is Updated about SDF Macross Mini-Box sets release date. Robotech news updated too.

June 18th - Using a few days, I created the Robotech news and Macross News own pages. I also began including older Robotech news that I didn't have listed before and will continue to do so and organize it better in the future. I also created a new main page with three dates worth of each section: Updates, Robotech, and Japanese Macross.

June 13th - Robotech: Battlecry and GBA pages are updated with pictures of their boxes and release dates from EBGames. I also updated the Macross News and web space with articles relating to Macross VF-Zero!

May 2002 Updates
May 30th - Robotech: Battlecry and Robotech GBA pages were updated!

May 25th - Robotech News Update - IGN review

May 24th - Updated Information on Robotech: Battlecry!

May 23th - Robotech News Update - E3 Convention and TechTV. Macross News Update -  Release date of Macross Zero volume 1.

May 19th - Release date on I-Men, updated older March news about them with the date and about their feet.

May 6th - Robotech news updated - Masterpiece #1 Completed

May 1st - Macross News Updated, Legal Battle and HG analysis published.

April 2002 Updates
April 28th - I added my Credits page for all who has helped me and will help me. Thank you all. I also repaired this Update page, part of it got cut off.

April 21st - I updated the Macross News about new releases and date changes, including updating the pages they relate to. The SDF Macross page now has the new information about the mini-sets.

April 20th - Working on my site slowly, I finally got around to adding the sources for the news and fixing it up a bit. I also added this update page as well.

April 15th - Macross News Updated - Harmony Gold's taking toy market. A small update to the GameBoy Advance RT game Page, discovered a minor piece of information. I also fixed up the site a little more, not much.

April 13th - I created the ultimate information pages for the newest Robotech games: Battlecry for the major consoles, and Macross Saga for GameBoy Advance!

April 5th - Robotech News updated - Correct information about Toynami's delay for the Super Poseables.

March 26 - April 12 2002 - Minor updates that I didn't get to record, mostly changes to the design and layout. Changes to colors and the likes.

March 2002 Updates
March 27th - Robotech news updated - About I-Men Toys upcoming.

March 25th - After 3 long years, I finally completely remodel my web site fully. Its still under very serious construction of changes and design. A long way until the completion of this great site.

Old Site Updates
March 19, 2002 - Robotech News updated - Robotech DVDs

March 16, 2002 - Robotech News updated - Masterpiece Delay

Dec 2001 - I completely redid my Web Ring & Links Page, completely redoing all the links, deleting dead ones, and adding many new ones. Over 60 links!

Most other updates were not recorded. Hundreds of different News Updates throughout the last 3 years.

Jan 10, 2000 - Over 1,000 visitors has visited my site!

October 12, 1999 - The Grand Opening of this Robotech web site!